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Customer Testimonial:

We recently had Mr. Foam take care of our home's roof, which had been incorrectly done by the manufacturers and was giving us trouble with leaking when it rained. We had sealing done several different times in the 11 years, but it seemed to only last from one good rain to next. Mr. Foam surveyed the project and was able to give us a solution to the problem, by building up the low areas and surfacing the entire roof so it was able to repel the rain and remove it without any standing rain left after a storm. We also noticed over $11.00 less on our electric bill for July (compared to last year). We had both the house and garage roofs done, we had them paint both the house and the garage. They did an excellent job, gave great suggestions as to color combinations, applied 2 coats to everything, did an efficient and accurate prep job before painting, worked well (even checked for the wind to avoid paint residue on other areas), covered vehicles and items that might be close enough to get paint on them, and cleaned up each day before leaving. We highly recommend them for any roofing or painting you need done, as they were professional, courteous, efficient, and care about doing a quality job. We definitely will have them back when we are ready to do our interior painting in a couple years.

Roger & Sharon Reid